Our philosophy is to create and provide Simple, Pure, and Result-Driven skincare. We are committed to using the maximum levels of the best ingredients to promote natural health and well-being while being completely transparent to our customers. The outcome leaves your skin looking radiant.


Mission Statement

The inception of the Krisana Vigus brand began when Krisana formulated her first product to help her husband combat the dryness and irritation of his cancer treatment. From there, she built a clean, simple, results-driven skincare brand that blends the forefront of bio-technology with the timeless healing properties of Mother Nature.

Our regime is built upon the mantra of simplicity... so we offer 6 amazing products that will simplify your skincare regime and leave your skin looking radiant, healthy and younger without overcomplicating.

Here at Krisana Vigus skincare we pride ourselves on our natural philosophy offering products that are between 95% to 98% natural. We marry cutting edge technology of an apple stem cell with natural wellness providing a sense of pleasure and visible results for your skin. We are fanatics about the details. We select only the finest of ingredients while crafting our formulas and we use the maximum of them to assure you get  high performance skincare that melts into your skin.

Our founder Krisana Vigus was born and raised on a farm in Thailand, Krisana experienced the true definition of “all natural” from an early age. To this day, Krisana still honors the vibrant nature and farmlands of Thailand with products that are paraben, sulfate, and petroleum free while being unisex, vegan, and free from animal cruelty.

She currently resides in Orange County, California, near her son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild.

The Krisana Vigus brand is passionate about helping cancer patients heal, and we do that by generously donating products directly to cancer patients.



I believe the future is within the hands of the next generation, I embrace them in open arms and opportunity
— Krisana Vigus


At Krisana Vigus, we firmly believe in providing opportunities for success to everyone.  It is our mission to empower and innovate, and we hope you will join us on our journey. We understand you have a busy life, as a student, a professional, or a creative, in turn we created a program to help you aspire to your dreams and goals.


At Krisana Vigus our goal is to innovate the way people feel beautiful, and we could not achieve our goal without the help of our amazing team members. We are so proud of each of our affiliates, staff, and friends; each working towards a greater goal. We are more than a brand, we are a family.

Share your VOICE 

At Krisana Vigus we believe everyone deserves a voice, and we want to hear yours! Feel free to voice your opinion with us to be added to our archive of testomials. We want to know what we did great and what needs improvement. We know you'll love our products, listen to our happy and satisfied customers.