Mission Statement

D&K Fashion LLC was born from the flame of inspiration and revolution, and later branded Krisana Vigus,  our founder. Motivated by her late husband's valiant battle with cancer, Krisana was determined to excel and overcome the standards of living for her husband and those who fought for hope in their treatment. Pulling from her fashion background, Krisana designed a radically new hospital gown to be more comfortable and accessible during cancer treatments. Her experiences in turn inspired her to design her own revolutionary fashion line, debuting in 2014. 

After being met with great success, Krisana Vigus built upon her philosophy of beauty and innovation with her new skincare line: emphasizing our honest natural belief policy. All of our products are petroleum, paraben, gluten, and cruelty free. Striving to be as natural and honest as possible, we use only the highest quality and beneficial ingredients nature can provide. While many brands advertise to be "all natural" and "100% Organic", many fail to meet their own claims, as stated by the FDA  "A product only has to contain a certain percentage of organic matter to be declared “organic” on its label. (This amount varies from state to state—in California, for example, it’s 70%)", while the term "All Natural" is completely unregulated by the FDA. 

Krisana’s skincare and fashions lines merge beautifully with their joint mission to deliver comfort and beauty at all stages of life. She believes that we are all the authors of our own books… starting with the first chapter, moving into the questions of the middle chapters, and finding the answers in the later chapters of life.  The “books” of our lives teach us how to do things differently as we grow through life. Krisana helps plant the seeds of inspiration in all of those she comes into contact with – staff, customers and friends.  Her maternal nature allows her to radiate love and compassion to those around her. Through example and encouragement, she helps others pioneer, innovate, and prosper to achieve their dreams.

*FDA on "Organic" Cosmetics


I believe the future is within the hands of the next generation, I embrace them in open arms and opportunity
— Krisana Vigus


At Krisana Vigus, we firmly believe in providing opportunities for success to everyone.  It is our mission to empower and innovate, and we hope you will join us on our journey. We understand you have a busy life, as a student, a professional, or a creative, in turn we created a program to help you aspire to your dreams and goals.


At Krisana Vigus our goal is to innovate the way people feel beautiful, and we could not achieve our goal without the help of our amazing team members. We are so proud of each of our affiliates, staff, and friends; each working towards a greater goal. We are more than a brand, we are a family.

Share your VOICE 

At Krisana Vigus we believe everyone deserves a voice, and we want to hear yours! Feel free to voice your opinion with us to be added to our archive of testomials. We want to know what we did great and what needs improvement. We know you'll love our products, listen to our happy and satisfied customers.